The construction industry is bracing for a major slump as they struggle with surging prices for raw materials, worker shortages and global supply chain issues, causing projects to be delayed at great cost to all stakeholders. Construction delays have a crippling impact on project team members in terms of the escalation of mistrust, cash-flow issues, potential litigation and a general sense of apprehension towards other stakeholders. When it comes to drainage projects, a combination of efficient design, smart specification and reliable local suppliers can help manage these issues and ensure on-time project delivery.

Preventing Construction Delays:  Considerations for Plumbing and Drainage Projects explores some of the key considerations for managing delay risks in the design and specification phase of plumbing and drainage projects. We discuss the common reasons for construction delays,  including the current issues faced by global supply chains, inadequate project planning, design errors and labour shortages. We then consider how these risks can be managed in plumbing and drainage projects, with a focus on the benefits of linear drainage systems and anodised aluminium components in increasing construction efficiency and installation time. Finally, we consider the advantages of choosing a local manufacturer.

Understanding the current challenges faced by plumbing and drainage professionals, Lauxes Grates’ skilled team of industry professionals are happy to answer any questions or provide options for any type of application/install. Their range of drainage products are readily available via the company’s extensive distributor network across Australia and New Zealand, with over 2,000 distributors across the region.


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