Public lighting transforms public spaces, going beyond illumination to improve the quality of life for humans. Due to pressures of increasing urban density, such spaces are under constant scrutiny in terms of their effective use and return. Good lighting can extend the return on an expensive public asset – the space itself – through greater usage of the asset during the evening. The challenge for designers is to find lighting systems that enable the cost-efficient adaptation of public spaces while enhancing their functionality, ambience and character.

Lighting the urban night: How catenary lighting systems enliven public spaces and maximise their use and return highlights the emergence of catenary lighting as an effective and unique solution for public lighting. This paper considers the importance of creating usable public spaces through good lighting design. It introduces catenary lighting and its unique benefits as compared to conventional lighting methods and takes a close look at the key considerations when planning and designing a catenary lighting system.

With over 20 years’ experience and more than 200 completed works, Ronstan is a world leader and pioneer in the design and delivery of catenary lighting projects. The company completed the first structure in this category in 2002 in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Today, Ronstan is the definitive authority on catenary lighting and the leading end-to-end specialty contractor of complete custom catenary lighting solutions.

Download this whitepaper to learn why all lighting designers should consider catenary lighting, whether for large open spaces or narrow laneways.


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