Once characterised as a purely utilitarian room at the back of the house, societal changes have seen the kitchen reconceptualised as a family gathering space, and the ‘heart and soul’ of the home. It is a space that reflects key lifestyle trends, and our evolving tastes, needs and preferences. Today’s homeowners want a multi-functional space that is sustainable, healthy and beautiful. To meet these demands, architects, designers and specifiers need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to kitchen design trends.

Kitchen design trends: A guide for architects, designers and specifiers examines the key trends that are influencing the design of Australian kitchens in the immediate future, and what trends will endure for years to come. We look at the shift to sustainable and eco-friendly design as well as the growing adoption of smart kitchen technology. We also consider the popularity of earthy and moody colour palettes and the use of mixed materials to highlight different work spaces within the kitchen space. From there we discuss the need for concealed storage, integrated appliances, large kitchen islands and natural lighting to create a sleek, clutter-free and comfortable multi-use kitchen environment.

Spanning a history of 69 years, Nover is a proud Australian owned and operated company specialising in the wholesale distribution of quality products to the kitchen, joinery and furniture manufacturing sector. With help from Nover, kitchen interiors can be brought to life with its innovative product range.

Download this whitepaper and explore the key design trends that will be prominent in Australian kitchens in the immediate future, and what will likely endure for years to come.


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