Although timber has been used for construction for thousands of years, we are only now understanding its biophilic properties. A growing body of research confirms that there are numerous physiological, psychological, and environmental advantages to wooden interiors. It is essential to educate the public, designers, and architects about the benefits of using timber and how it may be used to bring biophilic design ideas to life.

Harmony in Wood: Exploring the Biophilic Advantages of Timber and Trends in the Timber Industry looks at the biophilic design trend and the potential of timber in creating positive spaces for occupants. The versatility of timber allows for increasingly creative spaces that combine different facets of nature-inspired design. Not only are we seeing timber being used for interior surfaces, but it is also becoming integral to innovative architectural elements that enhance our connection and experience with nature.

Porta is committed to providing architects and designers with the products, knowledge, and resources to specify and design with timber for optimal performance and to enhance its biophilic potential. Australian owned and operated, Porta has a rich history spanning over 90 years, proudly manufacturing and distributing a broad range of timber products in various local and imported certified timber species.

  • Timber embodies a connection to the natural world, thus providing both direct and indirect integration as a biophilic element.
  • The use of space planning and architectural design to recreate the experience of nature explores the aesthetics of a space through stimulation, adventure, rediscovery, and immersion.

Download this whitepaper to learn how timber can bring biophilic design ideas to life.


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