As the largest reflective surface, the ceiling holds considerable sway over the overall sound quality and clarity of speech in a space. In settings where additional sound absorption is needed, acoustic ceiling baffles should be in every designer’s toolbox. These free-hanging suspended ceiling elements are not only effective at optimising sound dynamics but also adding visual interest to the ceiling of a room.

Designing with acoustic ceiling baffles: A versatile solution for controlling noise and reverberation explores the use of ceiling baffles as a solution to control noise and reverberation as well as enhance the aesthetics of a space. While they function similarly to traditional acoustic panels, modern ceiling baffles offer a wide range of shapes, profiles, textures and colours, enabling designers to create unique and interesting ceiling patterns.

Available from CSR Himmel, dECO Blades and Verto™ have been curated to perfectly interact with each other. Curated for targeted sound absorption, dECO blades feature a series of modular blades that have been engineered and designed to reflect distinctive harmonised sounds. With patented snap-on blade technology, the Verto™ suspension system and compatibility with the Rondo KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System, installation becomes effortlessly quick and easy.

Download this whitepaper to learn why ceiling baffles are an effective acoustic design solution for new builds and retrofits alike.


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