Cleanrooms are essential in many industries to safeguard manufacturing operations, ensure the integrity of scientific research and maintain high levels of hygiene in healthcare settings. Many elements contribute to a cleanroom design, all of which have to work together to achieve the desired result. Flooring forms the base of the internal area and comes into direct contact with the cleanroom environment, equipment, air and personnel; thus, choosing the right flooring material is a very most important decision during the design phase of a project.

Cleanroom Flooring: A Specifier’s Guide examines the standards and requirements for cleanrooms in Australia, with a focus on the design considerations related to flooring. Cleanrooms are designed with specific industrial applications in mind. A pharmaceutical setting will have different requirements than a manufacturing setting, for example. The floor’s functional properties will need to be assessed in relation to the needs of the specific application.

As experts in PVC floor coverings for industry and segment specific applications for 70 years, Gerflor develops products that meet extreme requirements in terms of safety, quality and resistance for industrial uses. As a result of ongoing R&D research, Gerflor offers their clients innovative solutions to meet their industrial requirements while adhering to Australian and international regulations.

  • A cleanroom is a regulated space that is designed to control contamination such as biocontamination, airborne particles and vapours.
  • The floor is essential to maintaining a cleanroom environment because it is the primary surface on which contaminants can build up.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the functional properties of an effective cleanroom floor.


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