Revitalising existing buildings, whether via retrofits, renovations or recladding, rather than continuously constructing new ones can drastically reduce building sector emissions. It is therefore imperative for the design and construction industry to focus on how to deliver refurbishment projects in a smarter, more efficient way. Although it was initially developed as a means of constructing temporary structures, modular construction  has evolved into an effective strategy for delivering refurbishment projects in an effective, economical, and environmentally responsible manner.

Building the Case: Modular Construction Methods in Refurbishment Projects discusses the benefits of modular construction and why it should be utilised for refurbishment projects. The benefits include increased construction speed, reduced construction waste, higher precision, increased energy efficiency, and other sustainability factors. The potential savings for refurbishment projects could be significant, without sacrificing quality, design or performance.

EQUITONE panels are a prime example of modular solutions for recladding projects. The panels can be cut and arranged in many forms, limited only by imagination. Whether a vertical, horizontal or angled layout is desired with large, small, narrow panels, laid either random or staggered are all possible. The high-performance fibre cement panels can be made to any module.

  • High-quality output is consistently ensured by the controlled environment in which prefabricated modules are manufactured.
  • With as many steps as possible completed away from the construction site, the disturbance to building occupants is reduced, enabling building owners to minimise the impact of refurbishments on tenants.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the benefits of modular solutions for refurbishment projects.


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