In Australia’s warm and tropical climate, excess solar heat gain can lead to overheating within an indoor environment, resulting in increased energy demands on space cooling. With the current architectural trend of expansive glass facades and large windows, architects and designers need to anticipate potential issues with solar heat gain and understand the importance of appropriate shading in building design. First pioneered in the early 1900s, brise soleils provide a particularly effective method for shading that not only improves thermal conditions inside a building, but also offers the opportunity to create a unique architectural feature.

Brise Soleil Shading: Uses, Benefits and Design Considerations is a useful guide to brise soleil systems illustrating how this practical shading solution has evolved over time to encompass a wide array of design possibilities. We explain what a brise soleil is, how it works, and how it improves thermal conditions inside a building. We also look at the various  considerations when designing a brise soleil, from the impact of location, climatic conditions and building orientation to the different forms, shapes, colours and materials available.

Renson, the European trendsetter in natural ventilation, external sun protection and outdoor living, allows you to control the incidence of the sun and prevent the sun from overheating building interiors with their range of brise soleil solutions, from sun protection screens  to structural sun shading with stunningly beautiful accents. With the ability to create customised solutions for almost any application, Renson enables architects and designers to create striking yet functional brise soleils that become the calling card of the building’s facade.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the uses, benefits and design considerations for brise soleil systems.


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