Nordic softwood is increasingly valued and sought after in Australia due to its ready availability, exceptional quality, and sustainability credentials. Given the declining availability of traditional Australian native hardwoods and the growing need for environmentally friendly options, it is crucial for practitioners to recognise the advantages of opting for Nordic softwood and its suitability for various interior and exterior uses.

Boreal Beauty: A Guide to Nordic Softwood tells you what you need to know to specify Nordic softwood. The cold climate and slow growth of trees in the region result in robust and durable wood. Additionally, Nordic countries have an established tradition of sustainable forest management, ensuring the preservation and regeneration of forests for future generations. Aligned with global supply trends in Europe, the accessibility and abundance of Nordic softwood make it a promising option for Australian joineries and manufacturers, especially as Australian states are gradually closing down their native timber industries.

Wright Forest a long established specialist importer of premium Nordic softwoods. Nordic Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) and Nordic Whitewood (Picea Abies), commonly known as 'Baltic' species, are highly favoured by designers, artisans and manufacturers around the world. With Nordic Redwood being particularly sought-after and Whitewood gaining traction for high-quality applications, these softwoods cater to diverse market requirements.

  • Aligned with the global timber supply trends in Europe, Nordic softwood offers a sustainable, high quality and steadily increasing source of timber.
  • Nordic softwood sourced from the Arctic regions, where growth rates are exceptionally slow, results in timber with a super-fine grain and heightened density, contributing to its strength and durability.

Download this whitepaper for a close look at Nordic forestry and the relevant factors to consider when specifying Nordic softwood in Australia.


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