As two essential components of the built environment, we come into contact with handrails and balustrades virtually every day. They are used on stairs, balconies, galleries, decks, ramps and walkways to provide separation, support and safety. In both Australia and New Zealand, there are a surprisingly large number of standards and regulations that must be followed when designing handrails. A thorough understanding of the relevant regulatory requirements and design specifications will help you de-risk building projects while creating safe and secure spaces.

Barrier Design Basics: What You Need to Know About Handrails & Balustrades (Australia & New Zealand) takes  a look at the basics of handrail and balustrade design in Australia and New Zealand. We discuss the difference between a handrail and a balustrade, and other components that make up the barrier system. We outline which rules, standards and regulations apply, and in what circumstances. Finally, we discuss the key considerations when designing a handrail and balustrade system, from determining design loads and geometric requirements to factors such as durability and material selection.

Moddex are Australasia’s leading manufacturer of pre-engineered barrier systems. Pre-engineered for structural integrity, their proprietary systems are load tested and configured to Australian and New Zealand Standards, Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, Australia’s National Construction Code and the New Zealand Building Code.

Download this whitepaper to learn the basics of handrail and balustrade design that will help you deliver an effective and compliant result.


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