While a balcony is a valuable asset to have, the defective construction of balconies has become an increasingly common problem affecting Australian residential buildings. As they connect interior and exterior spaces, balconies are susceptible to water damage which can lead to damage to the internal elements of the building as well as the unit below. For balconies to be properly integrated, appropriate drainage and isolation from the internal elements of the building are required. However, the challenge for designers and specifiers is identifying drainage solutions that provide sufficient performance without compromising aesthetics.

Aesthetic & Effective Balcony Drainage: Design & Specification Considerations is a concise and useful guide for architects, designers and specifiers on how to tackle the unique challenge of balcony drainage. We explain the importance of balcony drainage and highlight common mistakes that result in costly project delays, variations and defective balcony drainage. We then highlight the key considerations when designing and specifying a balcony drainage system, from the choice between a centre or linear threshold drain to falls, waterproofing and product selection. 

Lauxes Grates are an elegant solution for water waste drainage. Coming in different depths and lengths, the company offers linear drainage systems that address common challenges with balcony drainage design, particular restrictive balcony spaces and builds and renovations with strict height requirements.

Download this whitepaper and learn about the key elements of effective balcony drainage.


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