From Lacrosse to Grenfell, high profile building fires around the world heightened fire safety concerns throughout the architecture and construction industries, with their impact still felt to this day. The negative perception of aluminium composite panels (ACPs) has since led designers and specifiers to avoid compliant, best practice materials and instead opt for lesser quality systems and solutions. Designers and specifiers should consider bonded laminated aluminium, an intelligent cladding material that offers huge benefits compared to 3mm solid aluminium including proven non-combustibility, superior thermal and mechanical performance, fast installation and premium aesthetics.

Addressing the core problem: The benefits of non-combustible aluminium core panels for cladding applications takes a look at the issues associated with the use of 3mm solid aluminium panels cladding panels in a sealed facade and why bonded laminated aluminium cladding offers a superior high-performance alternative. We take a look at some of the compliance issues arising from the widespread use of non-compliant ACPs, and how 3mm solid aluminium became a preferred alternative for cladding applications. We then consider the shortcomings of 3mm solid aluminium before presenting a range of non-combustible aluminium core panels that provide a superior option for modern structures.

BLUECHIP specialises in the manufacture and supply of exterior architectural products from the structure out. Their product range includes all types of cladding and decking materials, engineered fixing systems and insulation products.

Download this whitepaper to learn about common issues and concerns with solid aluminium cladding and why bonded laminated aluminium cladding offers a superior high-performance alternative


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