Successful bathroom designs balance aesthetics and functionality to deliver a comfortable experience that matches the tastes and preferences of users. With the wide array of styles to choose from, having a robust palette of materials, textures and finishes at your disposal is essential. Customers place great importance on having taps, baths, and showers that are aesthetically on-trend, visually harmonious and functional. Universal in-wall bodies allow builders and customers to select the right fittings even after the tilers have finished thereby increasing the chances of delivering a successful bathroom design.

A Universal Approach to Bathroom Installation: How Universal In-Wall Bodies Create Convenience and Design Flexibility examines how universal in-wall bodies have become an essential tool for modern bathroom builds. First, we look at the importance of aesthetic flexibility in the context of evolving tastes and trends in bathroom design. We then discuss how universal in-wall bodies can provide design freedom now and into the future, while also streamlining the bathroom installation process. Finally, we present a range of tapware products that leverage the advantages of universal bodies to give ultimate design freedom to customers.

Nero Tapware is Australia's leading designer tapware brand for mixer taps, air showers, luxury bathroom accessories and more. The Nero range is aesthetically beautiful, and effortlessly functional. With an eye to the latest design trends, each collection is made to last and uses only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how universal in-wall bodies can increase convenience and design flexibility for your next bathroom build.


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