Water seeping into adjacent building elements due to improper floor grading and inadequate waterproof membrane installation in key areas, such as around the floor waste, frequently results in building damage. To avoid these issues, architects, designers and specifiers need to have a thorough understanding of the changes to floor waste, floor grading and waterproofing requirements in the 2021 version of AS 3740 “Waterproofing of domestic wet areas” and the 2022 update of the National Construction Code.

A guide to floor waste and fall requirements: Understanding AS 3740:2021 “Waterproofing of domestic wet areas” examines how the recent updates to the relevant standards and regulations impact wet area design and construction. Two of the most frequently reported building issues are improper floor grading in wet areas and non-compliance with waterproofing regulations. The most basic objective of any construction project should be to keep our buildings and people safe and preventing loss of amenity. This is more easily achieved by first understanding and then exceeding the requirements for wet area waterproofing in terms of material, design, and installation.

Stormtech’s 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain will help you meet and exceed the new requirements in the NCC 2020 and AS 3740:2021 while at the same time drastically simplifying bathroom design and installation. This innovative product, which includes a Shower Screen Support Channel for any Stormtech grating style, is a versatile linear drainage system that provides dual functions as a drain for both sides of the shower screen and a support for the shower screen itself.

Download this whitepaper to understand how the recent updates to these documents impact wet area design and construction.


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