Even before the global coronavirus pandemic, commercial real estate has been grappling with questions about the future of office buildings. In a challenging property market, there will be a growing appetite for modular and functional layouts, whether that involves businesses downsizing, renovating or repurposing existing commercial spaces. Bathrooms are a critical element in any redesign but changing their location or adding a new bathroom where one did not previously exist poses significant practical challenges.

A bathroom anywhere: How the macerator pump has evolved to unlock design possibilities for commercial layouts examines the key plumbing-related challenges when designing new spaces and/or relocating bathroom facilities. We consider how macerator pumps can be used to overcome these issues and discuss the slew of design features that are giving building owners multiple options when designing and building new bathroom facilities. 

Saniflo SFA is a French manufacturer of greywater and macerator pumps with Australian Watermark approval. When refurbishing an existing building, conventional plumbing is not always an option or can be too expensive. A Saniflo pump is ideal when there are no drainage line options nearby as these pumps can be used to pump greywater or sewage to the existing line over long distances and heights.


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