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    Sustainability eBook 2023: Bondor

    In 2023, Bondor proudly sponsored the Hospitality & Tourism category. Dive into this eBook to discover insights into the category and Bondor's sustainability journey. Explore their sustainable certifications and learn about significant updates to the Energy Efficiency provisions and Condensation mitigations in the NCC 2022.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: DECO

    In 2023, DECO proudly sponsors the Single Dwelling (Alteration) category, highlighted in this eBook. Discover Professor Michael Stacey's insights on aluminum, observe DECO's sustainability commitment with LocAl® Green, and delve into the eBook's discourse on how architects and designers play a pivotal role in mitigating carbon emissions in the construction sector.

    Case study: 441 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

    One of the Melbourne’s most impressive commercial buildings, 441 St Kilda Road is one of only four A-grade office buildings in the area with market-leading amenities, seamless connectivity and inspiring workspaces. The high-end modern building offers large floor plates that are flexible, efficient and open with abundant natural light.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: Network Architectural

    In 2023, Network Architectural proudly sponsored the Commercial Architecture (Large) category, showcasing the shortlist in this eBook. Explore insights on Network Architectural's ALPOLIC manufacturer's warranty, innovative recycling of aluminum composite panels, and gain valuable perspectives through a Q&A session with the General Manager of ALPOLIC at Mitsubishi.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: GH Commercial

    In 2023, GH Commercial was the proud sponsor of the Interior Design category. This category explores a renovation or fit-out of the interior of an existing building where the sustainable design is involved such as determining the efficient and effective use of space, selecting construction materials that offer low environmental impact and lowering pollution, waste, and the overall energy consumption.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: Billi

    In 2023, Billi was the proud sponsor of the Smart Building Ideas category. This category explores builds that use smart design or a range of automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations to help improve asset reliability, performance and energy use.

    Towards net zero: Blinds, best practice sustainability & beyond

    Though sometimes overlooked on these terms, window coverings are an important consideration for specifiers motivated by sustainability. With their capacity to control not just light and glare but also heat, the best blind and curtain fabrics have a key role to play in improving thermal efficiency.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: WoodSolutions

    Building design plays a pivotal role in shaping the sustainability of our urban environments. It is a powerful tool that can either exacerbate or mitigate environmental impacts. Firstly, orientation and layout significantly impact a building’s energy consumption. Properly aligning structures with the sun’s path allows for natural lighting and heating, reducing the need for artificial lighting and climate control systems.

    Ceilings for healing: Design and specification guide for healthcare settings

    In a healthcare environment, it is possible to improve patient and staff wellbeing, patient healing, stress reduction, and safety through thoughtful design and material specification. The key design parameters to achieve this include thermal comfort, acoustics, air quality, daylighting, cleanliness and sustainability—all of which can be improved with high-performing ceiling systems.

    Keys to build-to-rent success: How good design and quality products can support the business model

    Build-to-Rent (BTR) properties are a new category of housing developments geared toward offering high-quality rental stock that has been specifically designed and constructed to give Australian renters a long-term housing option with better security and services. As this new business model gains popularity, developers are looking for creative, high-quality fitouts that will differentiate their offering and attract tenants.

    Case study: Harold, Middle Park Vic

    Situated on the edge of a heritage precinct in Middle Park Vic, “Harold” is a stunning home given new life by a recent skyward extension and reconfiguration. Its dark exterior raises its status within the streetscape, presenting a dynamic facade composed of anodised aluminium panels, selected for their resistance to corrosion in a coastal setting, and integrated operable screens.

    Fire protection of ductwork: Navigating recent changes to the fire resistance standards

    The risk of smoke, hot gases, and flames spreading due to flaws in service duct design is a significant issue. In a recent change to Australian regulations, buildings constructed in accordance with the National Construction Code after May 1 2023 or later are now required to have passive fire protection systems.

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