robotic dairy farm exterior facade

A stunning sculptural shed that houses a robotic milking facility that prioritises ethical and sustainable milk production.  

Designed by Bosske Architecture, the structure was designed to accommodate a state-of-the-art farming and processing facility where visitors can observe the milk production process.

robotic dairy farm facade

This was done to highlight the sustainable farming practices of the Bannister Downs Dairy, which include a 24-hour voluntary milking robotic dairy where cows can choose when to be milked. Machines are also used to analyse and help maintain the health of the cows.

Referred to as a ‘grass-to-gate’ facility, the building is a dairy and a creamery, with milking, processing, bottling and packaging all done in the one location. This makes it the only planned facility of its kind in the world.

Design response

robotic dairy farm details

The building makes a bold statement, clad in red metal with a soft, curving façade that signifies a departure from typical industrial architecture. Its form combines elements from typical barn structures such as the modern shed, a vernacular Australian barn and a gambrel-roofed dairy barn.

According to the architect, these elements combine to make one big “super shed”.

robotic dairy farm overview

Visitors can enter the dairy through a public entrance before visiting the first floor, where there is a viewing gallery for the milk processing areas and a café that overlooks the farm. Administration spaces are discreetly located at the back of the ground floor while processing facilities are inside a large black annex that sits behind the main shed.