140 is an urban destination, where food, art and retail collide on reimaged laneways in the Perth CBD.

The Cbus Property landmark project combines modern architecture, heritage buildings, art and space. The new precinct marks a move away from traditional self-contained shopping centres, representing a five year redevelopment process to bring a unique food, beverage and retail precinct to Perth.

The retail, food and beverage precinct is right in the middle of Perth’s changing landscape, mid-way between Elizabeth Quay and the new Northbridge link

The $20 million dollar transformation of 140 challenges perceptions of traditional retail around the country by uniting culture and consumerism through unique laneway design, permanent artwork and unpredicted food and beverage offerings.


The 140 brief was to bring the precinct to life by developing a dynamic and compelling urban space for consumers.


Before the redevelopment, the precinct was living in the shadow of the commercial tower that occupies above the space and lacked the ability to engage with consumers further than its outskirts. The spaces formed initially spoke to a greater network of lanes and movement.

The design process was about understanding what makes great places, the psychology of people and architectural rigour and principles.

To connect the commercial tower and the retail precinct, the design of 140 drew on emerging culture of art, pop up stalls, food and architecture to meet the needs of one of the busiest foot traffic areas in the Perth City.

To activate the four laneways that act as the axis of the retail precinct, HDR|Rice Daubney recreated laneways, combining and rebalancing architecture, art, light, food and fashion to create another thread which binds the cultural pieces that make up the City of Perth. This was done by running design in parallel architecture, art, retail design, lighting, branding, leasing and marketing.  The result - heritage buildings and permanent art connect the modern architecture that forms 140, creating spaces that consumers can explore and be a part of.

The HDR|Rice Daubney team worked closely with Urban Art Projects to create a permanent art package named 140ART. 140ART incorporates works by Matt W. Moore, Nike Savvas, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Benjamin Johnson and Alister Yiap, which reactivate the four laneways with the use of functional sculptures, murals and a suspended ceiling. The art complements the heritage building fa├žade and adds to the whole experience. It makes people want to explore the space more, which is what retail is evolving into – creating experiences for people.


Colour selection and patterns where designed to attract attention to the retail ground plane previously considered tucked under the commercial tower.

Dulux Powdercoat, Duralloy in Intencity Yellow & Happy Yellow
Interpon Powdercoat, D2015 Ultriva – Precis Pure Gold

Quantum, Innovation custom pattern 50% open area panels 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 1200mm wide x 3000mm long