The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) was created to act as a small business incubator, particularly focusing on science, technology and research-based businesses.

The building provides a highly innovative, sustainable and comfortable base to facilitate, inspire and grow innovative small businesses to achieve great success.

The building and site integrate ecologically sustainable design in the form of renewable energy, passive solar design, integrated water cycle technology, indoor environmental quality, water sensitive urban design and advanced sustainable material and equipment technologies.

The interior architecture encourages and harnesses highly collaborative and diverse working environments at the forefront of sustainable design and occupant comfort.


Renewable Energy & Technology
  • 60kW PV solar system representing an estimated 80% of the buildings energy needs.
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling using a high COP heat recovery VRF (variable refrigerant flow) technology.
  • BMS Automated passive ventilation system with operable roof and highlight windows assisted by large sweeping fans to help circulate clean fresh air.
  • BMS Automated night purging system to release hot stale air over summer contributing to estimated 12 per cent energy consumption saving.
  • BMS automated highly efficient LED dimmable and motion controlled lighting throughout.
Passive Solar Design
  • Northerly solar orientation with interlinked naturally shaded indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Operable windows throughout which automatically shut down the heating and cooling system to provide ventilation and enhance individual user comfort and climate.
  • Maximised use of natural light and natural ventilation assisted with large sweeping fans.
  • Solar shading through the inclusion of vertical living walls to the north and west facades.
  • Thermal bridging has been extensively avoided.
  • Heavily insulated and sealed walls and ceilings achieving high R-values all year round.
Sustainable Materials & Technology
  • Double glazed thermally broken operable windows
  • Concrete containing 30 per cent fly ash.
  • Sustainably sourced timber and products.
  • Water efficient fittings and fixtures have been used throughout.
  • Preference has been given to Low VOC/formaldehyde materials and products that improve indoor environmental quality.
  • Materials and products are either made from recycled content or are 100 per cent recyclable at end of life.
Integrated Water Cycle Technology (Iwcm)
  • A highly innovative stormwater harvesting and bio-filtration system that creates a living evergreen west facing facade and gravity feeds a lake system generating bio-diversity, habitat, and recreation.
  • A world's first natural grey water harvesting and natural bio-filtration system that creates a living deciduous facade to the north side of the building.
  • A Rainwater harvesting and re-use system that feeds an internal green wall and is used for toilet flushing and site irrigation.
  • The major water initiatives clean the adjoining creek system and prevent erosion during high flow rain events.
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Landscaping utilising native and drought tolerant plants and natural swales.
  • Permeable parking bays with integrated passive rain gardens.
Design Credits:
  • Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture: City of Monash Urban Design + Architecture
  • Builder: Lloyd Group
  • Structural, Civil & ESD: Irwin Consult
  • Building Services: Meinhardt
  • Water Engineering: Design Flow
Funding Partners

The project is a partnership with the Australian government through the Regional Development Australia fund, the City of Monash, the Victorian Government, Monash Enterprise Centre, Monash CRC for WSC, Melbourne Water, and the Melbourne South East group of Councils.