Breathe created an elegant, sustainable branch design solution that considers the social and environmental impacts on the community and the planet at the core of every design decision.

At the first meeting with ANZ, a new vision for the company was explained that does more than just answer to its shareholders, it is encapsulated by three pillars, environmental sustainability, secure housing, and financial wellbeing for all Australians.

ANZ has a proven track record as one of two of the Big Four Banks that are committed to carbon neutrality, having been carbon neutral since 2010. They invest in social and affordable housing and work with their clients to divest from fossil fuels.

The design of the project not only to include carbon neutral operations but was also about building a branch that reduces its carbon footprint, that was a part of the circular economy, where items could be reused rather than sent to landfill when the branch changes over time.

ANZ cares deeply about the well-being of its staff and customers. Biophilic design was integral to the design with a huge number of live plants included in each branch to not only improve indoor air quality but enhance the connection to nature for branch occupants.

ANZ Breathe sets a bold new benchmark for corporate Australia. Putting written values into practice. The new branch rollout signals a shift to a sincere focus on environmental sustainability, financial wellbeing and secure housing.

The design considers the ever changing needs of banking, to easily adapt to shifting requirements of the physical space. Modules can be interchanged, added and subtracted as needed. All materials can be recycled or repurposed when no longer needed.

They won’t end up in landfill. Instead of increasing costs, the branch rollout costs will decrease over time. Instead of feeling like a bank branch, staff and customers feel more like they are at home amongst natural materials, calmly lit spaces, and lush greenery.


List all the sustainable products used in this build

  • 100% carbon neutral in operations using 100% certified Green Power wherever possible Locally made materials wherever possible
  • Carbon capture materials selection (cork, FSC certified timbers)
  • Low VOC materials throughout
  • Special attention has been paid to where each material goes at end of life
  • Materials selected to maximise their reusability Minimised waste by developing modular system that can be reused branch to branch
  • No adhesives to allow for reuse (this is throughout the design elements, all walls, ceilings, floors, planters etc can be disassembled at the end-of-life and reused or recycled)
  • Recycled content wherever possible (ie light fittings made from recycled aluminum, rubber flooring made from used car tyres)
  • Suspended services allow for future technology changes within ANZ Australian made wool upholstery to the chairs and curtains line the perimeter of the branch to soften the space and improve the acoustic quality
  • At the end of its lifecycle this material can be composted
  • Light grey acoustic panels line the ceilings of the meeting rooms and the staff room
  • This material is made from 100% recycled plastic and improves the acoustic quality of these spaces
  • Carpet is 100% recycled content that can be returned to the manufacturer and recycled into new carpet
  • Branding has been simplified to minimising the use of any acrylic, vinyl decals and plastic material
  • Biophilic design integral throughout Winya - Indigenous owned furniture


Furniture: Winya, Ross Gardam. Lighting: Ambience. Finishes: Zenith, Autex, Robertson’s Building Products, Interface, Sustainable Living Fabrics, Forbo, Briggs Veneers. Fittings & Fixtures: Sussex, Caroma, Billi, Assa Abloy, Market Timbers

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