From the architect:

Defined by its innovative design, sculptural boldness and tactile materiality, Ramsgate Avenue represents a dynamic yet naturalised addition to its tightly-held Bondi locale.

Both complementary and contrasting to its architectural surroundings, the apartment building conjures a balanced yet rejuvenating urban presence. Its design splits the building into two predominant forms, aligned along a north-south axis and divided by an open, central circulation core. This approach not only breaks down the building’s scale but also harmoniously contributes to the rhythmic flow of the existing street elevation along Ramsgate Avenue.

With a strong focus on materiality, a deliberate textural juxtaposition provides the building with aesthetic notoriety which aims to complement the coastal locale. Smooth surfaces balance with ribbed elements, while matte, concrete finishes contrast with polished metal accents. 

A strong emphasis on shadow-play adds depth and dimension to the façade, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shade throughout the day. Integrated planting to the northern façade organically softens the building’s presence when viewed from the street and heightens the residents’ connection to the natural environment.

Every aspect of its form has been crafted to enhance the quality of life for its residents. All ten luxury apartments benefit from natural cross ventilation and abundant sunlight, while thoughtfully oriented southward to capture breathtaking ocean views. 

Curving blade walls elegantly frame these views, adding an artistic touch to the living experience. Aiming to straddle both timelessness and innovation, Ramsgate Avenue’s detailed design captures the spirit of its Bondi neighbourhood, uniting principles of contemporary refinement and enduring form.