From the architect:

The Port Melbourne Townhouses comprises of 6 size family-sized townhouses with shared parking on the basement level. Located in the heart of Port Melbourne, a coastal suburb 5km south of the Melbourne CBD.

the site is bordered by the vibrant energy and liveliness of Bay street as well as the quiet, quaint domestic-ness of the period terrace, duplex of Bridge and Lyons street.

The townhouses are organised across 3 storeys, capped-off by individual terraces on the roof level. To mitigate the physical attributes of a 3 storey structure, a layering effect is adopted in the form of a metal screen veil shrouding the corner frontage.

Articulation in the form of battens spacing and length delivers an illusion of a double storey structure in lieu of 3. Further, the third level is also set back from the boundary behind the screens to achieve a less confronting or intimidating scale of the built form.

The driving principle behind this development is to inject density to the site. The architectural language in parallel to this driving principle is to develop a built-form response that is sophisticated in design, modern and in juxtaposing contrast with the surroundings to both evoke a landmark effect and to avoid adopting the built-form approach of watered-down imitation of heritage.

Navigating heritage built-form sensitivities and housing realities, the Port Melbourne Townhouses are truly designed for living and entertaining referencing progressive design style in the heart of Port Melbourne.