From the architects

Enabled by HIP V. HYPE, designed in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects and built by Ironside.

Ferrars & York in South Melbourne presents best practice in climate resilient design and construction and is one of the most sustainable apartment buildings in Australia.

Ferrars & York was created on the strong belief that the buildings we choose to build and live in can drive the positive impact our cities deserve, balancing people, planet, and prosperity.

Located 100m from South Melbourne Market, Ferrars & York responds to the ever-increasing need for responsibly developed, low impact housing in our urban centres. Located on a narrow piece of land adjacent to the South Melbourne light rail, the project is an exemplar of the potential for responsible use of under-utilised land in our cities.

Ferrars & York carries forward the collaboration between HIP V. HYPE and Six Degrees Architects on multi-residential apartment building, Nightingale 2.0, in 2019. The narrow proportions of the Nightingale 2.0 site enabled us to maximise light, ventilation and aspect, and we soon sought out another site in South Melbourne – Ferrars & York – which would enable us to replicate these conditions.

Together with being 100% electric (no gas), all HIP V. HYPE projects consider our Better Apartment Living framework and the following principles at their core: low impact living for buildings that are more comfortable, a dedication to research for continued innovation, social equity, and responsible finance for long term value creation with deep environmental and social impact.

Ferrars & York comprises twenty-two 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments with an average energy rating of 8.6-stars and the highest performing apartment achieving 9.3-stars (out of 10). At ground level, a retail space is jointly occupied by HIP V. HYPE’s Ferrars & York Collective; a workshare space for sustainably minded businesses and Bike Gallery; a specialty bike store.

Across its six levels, Ferrars & York fosters a vertical community. Open walkways create an active skyline and a visual connection to the wider community, whilst a communal roof yard with BBQ, fireplace and landscaped arbour provides a space for residents to enjoy views across the city and South Melbourne Market.

The saw tooth roofline nods to the local context, with angular forms evident in the adjacent market. Off-form concrete with timber textures anchors the building, whilst the steel frame, scattered landscaping, feature tiles, timber and stained-glass accents provide richness and warmth.

Embodied carbon neutral and setup to be carbon neutral in operation, apartments at Ferrars & York represent more comfort for residents due to consistent air temperatures, better acoustic performance, lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint.

Sustainable density is critical to curbing urban sprawl and reducing the impact of cities on our natural environment. In an established suburb where families are increasingly priced out of standalone dwellings and supply is considerably short of demand, Ferrars & York provides families with housing choice.

With proximity to amenity, services, and employment critical for families of all ages, Ferrars & York supports the necessary future of urban living.

The sustainable products used in this build
- Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, running continuously to provide a constant supply of fresh, filtered air to all apartments whilst maintaining a healthy indoor environment by managing moisture and preventing mould
- 20.1 kW solar panel system to the building’s roof, generating a maximum 117KWh of power per day, distributed evenly to all apartments and retail space via the building’s embedded network 
- Reclaimed or recycled materials where possible, including Messmate timber floorboards salvaged from demolished buildings in Victoria
- BINQ Double glazed tilt and turn timber windows and thermally broken aluminium windows to wet areas, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in winter whilst reducing reliance on active heating and cooling
- Exposed concrete ceiling to living areas, providing thermal mass to regulate internal temperatures
- Centralised Stiebel Eltron electric heat pump system, using roughly three times less energy than a conventional electric hot water system
- Low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants
- Load Managed EV charging connected to all car parks as base infrastructure
- Ceiling fans
- LED energy efficient lighting
- Forest Stewardship Council or Australian Forestry Standard certified new timber
- 100% GreenPower renewable energy, administered to the building via an embedded network
- 100% electric V-ZUG oven, cooktop, rangehood and dishwasher, manufactured carbon neutral (Ferrars & York is 100% gas free) 
- Robert Gordon locally made recycled clay basins
- 4-stream waste system provided to all residents
- ‘Save’ Switch, allowing all non-essential electrical circuits to be switched off when not at home to save energy
- Automatic external blinds to all apartments, reducing heat gain to east and west facing external windows
- Native and indigenous plants to the building’s roofyard and common areas