multi-generational mixed-use house exterior night

This project is a series of stacked zinc-clad boxes, combined to create a mixed-use, multi-generational home on a narrow infill site in inner Melbourne.

As the site is surrounded by a residential street and a main road, it was important to establish an outdoor connection while minimising noise and protecting neighbours’ privacy.

multi-generational mixed-use house day

The structure’s irregular stacked form helps with this, responding to the neighbours’ views and lighting requirements. It also lends well to multi-generational living and mixed-use applications, with each application receiving its own ‘box’.

There is a commercial space at ground level (required as per the site’s zoning regulations), with four levels of residential space above.

multi-generational mixed-use house balcony

The first three floors have clearly defined zones, attributed to separate boxes. These include communal spaces such as the living and dining rooms, private bedroom spaces and “retreat” spaces.

multi-generational mixed-use house outdoor

A key design feature, there is an atrium at the centre of the structure which brings light into all of the living spaces. It also acts as a cooling stack for ventilation, with mechanical shades added to protect it when there is excess sunlight and heat.