The 10 hectare Warriwul property residence in the sunshine coast hinterland of Montville presented Conlon Group with an entirely new opportunity being a pre-existing pineapple farm with a plethora of pre-existing site attributes including forest, creeks, dams, grassland all effected by previous land uses.

The client's desire was to build a residence which reconnects to its place by re-establishing the sites natural history whilst retaining its heritage values of its past inhabitants to create a place of natural beauty, adventure, and escape.

Having worked on a number of sustainable homes Conlon Group’s Warriwul Residence was set to be quite adventurous. Landscape Architect and Director Marc Conlon wanted to continue reducing the work and increase the success of the landscape design from a sustainable perspective.

Fundamentally the core philosophy was to incorporate the considered yet basic principles of sustainability into the entire project.



  • No Soil was imported using only local byproducts to condition it.
  • All structural elements and products were made from recycled materials
  • All onsite water (including grey and storm water) retained, treated, harvested, filtered and retained on site
  • All imported vegetation having endemic genes
  • All historic vegetation and building remnants retained and protected
  • Creek rehabilitation
  • Flats rehabilitation and management
  • All of the above including labour and machinery were acquired, produced and sourced locally within 50km radius most within 0-10km
  • All flora and fauna are linked on a physiological level and also planned to give the designed longevity and solve or reduce any maintenance
  • This included revegetation of creeks, forest and open grassland