Caribbean Business Park employees

Stage 2 of the Caribbean Business Park design focused on sustainable public realm works designed to enhance employee wellbeing.

These public realm works include linkages to a series of four-storey office buildings, a cafe, plaza landscaping and outdoor meeting spaces in the new commercial office precinct, Caribbean Gardens. Landscaping was also undertaken to incorporate external spaces to recent additions to the development such as a standalone building offering childcare services and the provision of gym facilities for employees and the general public. 

Design response

Caribbean Business Park water feature

The brief specified a space designed to equally promote productivity and physical and mental health. 

In response to this, the public realm was conceived as a series of interlocking outdoor spaces that offer people a variety of environments to suit their mood. At the same time, these spaces provide links between the various street frontages, building entries, and passive and active landscape features. 

Caribbean Business Park meeting space

Each space has unique characteristics based on its location and proposed use. For example, hard and soft landscaping has been incorporated in different spaces to differentiate between informal seating areas, formal boulevards, areas for vigorous activity and spaces for contemplation. 

Sustainability features 

Caribbean Business Park plants

  • Use of efficient appliances and lighting
  • Use of renewable energy captured through solar panels
  • Landscape design is water-sensitive, minimising the use of hard surfaces as well as the collection of rainwater for use in gardens and overall maintenance. Landscaping also features drought-tolerant native species.