Promoting and enhancing the laid-back nature of the humble Aussie beach house, Rad Studio have unveiled Sunkissed Higgins, masterfully transforming a 1970s coastal cottage for a growing family.  

Inspired by the need to provide adequate living space for Adam and Chloe and their budding tribe, Rad set to work on a contemporary renovation that was congruent with the vibrance of 70s culture. Its colour palette, reminiscent of a day at the beach, is complemented by robust materials that connect with its coastal locale.

The new facade, which has received much critical acclaim since it was revealed, is clad in some six shades of pink. Large windows provide clear sightlines to the waterfront, enhancing connection to nature.

Moving inside, the 70s theme becomes even more apparent. Bathrooms are a riot of burnt orange, reflecting the fiery sunsets and the natural rock formations of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The cacti garden viewed upon entry harks back to the vaporwave movement of the era, providing an instantaneous feeling of nostalgia.

Sunkissed Higgins isn't just about aesthetics; it's about sustainability too. The clientele were deeply involved in the project, putting in the hard work to salvage building materials. This thoughtful approach demonstrates how even a small beach house can make a big difference.

The result is a home-cum-cultural touchstone for the Middleton community. The bold, funky hallmarks of the 1970s have been enhanced by the architectural excellence of Rad Studio, creating a haven the growing family can evolve within.