Working within the confines of a corner block and close proximity to neighbours, Scott Brownrigg have been able to create Strata House, a residential property in Singapore that allows for comfortable, contemporary family living, with children very much the priority for much of the build.

strata house living room

strata house living

A 3-storey, semi-detached domicile, Strata House is equipped for the climate it resides within, with the heavy tropical context of Singapore shaping much of the design process. The house optimises the site footprint, peeling in two from a common datum plane, giving the house quite the exterior look. The layering of varying heights creates an internal space that connects the family in a fun way and weaves around the central steel staircase. The staircase is very much the big ticket item of the house, doubling as a cross ventilation instrument that connects the house as well as becoming a feature metallic patterned screen to diffuse the triple volume daylight from the third level roof skylight.

strata house staircase

strata house dining

A continuous metallic aluminium roof ensures privacy for the tenants, and is pivotal for the dwelling’s form. With no openings on the front elevation, and an optimum amount of glazing to the side, the house looks unconventional, but the measures were necessary for privacy and the negating of climate. The contemporary ‘architectural veil’ screens the full height glazed views from the bedrooms, while absorbing heat to allow thermal conduction, and thus creating air movement and ventilation into the rooms.

strata house bedroom

strata house net

Created with a palette of materials that include off-formed concrete texture, timber grain and an industrial steel matte lustre, the palette provides a backdrop for daylight and creates a play of shadows. The raw and honest material selection reflects contemporary design characteristics, but will continue to remain timeless. 

strata house exterior

These interesting internal spaces and their detailing are light in their architectural expression. This palette extends through to the internal furnishings with bespoke furniture and cabinetry. The internal environment blurs the boundaries with the surrounding outdoor landscape, which is accessed via the double-height main living areas.

strata house triangular wall

The interiors are touched with warm hints of mocha, cream and charcoal, with rooms that challenge design conventions in form and shape. Furniture selection is luxurious and elegant, with leather couches and timber pieces in various spaces. The gold ‘stripe’ that runs through much of the kitchen is an interesting yet thoughtful design flourish that contrasts much of the dark cabinetry that features within it.

strata house kitchen

Strata House most certainly captures the gaze of many onlookers, but mainly for its form. The work of Scott Brownrigg has allowed for the residents to remain private to neighbours and other members of the general public, but the process surrounding the structure has ensured that they won’t be hot under the collar. The house is built for all year round in a tropical climate, and the elegant aesthetic of the interior spaces ensures the residents won’t be leaving too often either, with the family able to live comfortably and closely under one, veil-like roof.

strata house night