Rainy Mountain Residence and its surrounding site were designed for a family that live off the grid on the edge of a rainforest in Far North Queensland.

A solar power system with supplemental wind power and micro hydro system feeds a battery bank. A holding dam can provide two days hydro power. The site is subject to extreme weather.

The building is a timber post and beam construction, with overlapping timber cladding that allows for a flexible, moving structure that can withstand the cyclonic conditions, humidity extremes and the monsoon season.

The pavilion design facilities natural ventilation around, through and under each room. Cooling breezes from the nearby creek pass under and through the rooms. A 'fly roof' design allows for cooling ventilation directly under the roof sheeting. No external cooling or heating is required to live comfortably.


  • Replanting of rainforest fruiting tress around the house encourage the native cassowary population.
  • 4.8kW photo voltaic 'off grid' power generation with battery storage
  • Wind generator
  • Micro hydropower system with a holding dam to provide two days power
  • Fly roof with ventilated ceiling to enhance ventilation and dissipate the heat generated under the metal roof sheeting
  • Opening hatches and walls to enhance tropical ventilation
  • Pavilion style living to create multiple spaces with direct connection to gardens
  • Durable timbers used to withstand harsh weather conditions. Rated up to a Cat 4 Cyclone conditions
  • Structural timber is installed green (not dehumidified) with an adjustable structural frame to allow
  • Timbers to acclimatise to local humidity and be tightened as needed
  • Integrated land management with edible landscape