coastal architecture peninsula house exterior

This project is the renovation of an existing 1970s waterfront home in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Vaucluse.

The home has a peninsular setting, which is always a challenge in terms of private vs public space.

peninsula house interior water views

In this case, the home is concealed to the streetfront and opens up boldly to the ocean and headland. Its exterior design pays homage to its 1920s neighbor, with strong curves and linear banding.

peninsula house curves

From the street, the house is split into two distinct wings connected by a single stone drum, which serves as a visual pivot point and the circulatory heart of the house. The entrance is discreet, located behind a cedar screen that provides privacy while also filtering light into the living spaces.

peninsula house concealed entry

Inside, the stone drum reveals a bespoke statement staircase. The interior spaces are modest, with articulated and layered compositions that allow the home’s coastal setting to shine.

peninsula house staircase