Reimagining the everlasting grandeur of the Victorian terrace, Hindley & Co’s Northcote Hacienda is a symphony of science and bold design. 

Commissioned by two scientists to create a home that defies expectation, the practice set about crafting a contemporary three-story dwelling disguised by its heritage facade.

A central courtyard, reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa, separates the sleeping and living areas. Doubling as a bridge between the old and the new, the courtyard enhances connection to nature and allows natural light to permeate through the interior.

Descending into the depths of the home, one discovers a subterranean playground – a gaming haven complete with its own internal garden, a testament to the clients' love for both entertainment and greenery. A dedicated yard is home to a flock of giant chickens.

The textural palette is clearly influenced by the scientific background of the clientele. Unusual rock specimens are integrated into the walls, while handcrafted concrete blockwork whispers of ancient formations.