mosman house streetfront

Mosman House is deceptively simple to the streetfront, disguising the opulence to the rear and interior of the home.

The house has been conceived as two pavilions. The front pavilion, with its minimalist, clear-cut form, contains the bedrooms and amenities of the home. The rear pavilion, a more dramatic structure that opens to the outdoors, contains a series of living spaces and a large study.

mosman house rooftop garden

The kitchen and dining room are on the top floor, although below entry level due to the steep fall of the site. This space boasts spectacular views of the harbour reserve that surrounds the site.  

mosman house interior

Below is the living room, a dramatic double-height space that opens up to the outdoors via a deck complete with gathering spaces and an infinity pool that continues towards the reserve.

mosman house pool

The house follows the steep fall of the long site, opening up to the outdoors where possible while still ensuring privacy through its windowless sides.

mosman house natural light

Key design features include the courtyard, which is a source of ventilation and cooling for the home, and the sculptural copper screen element on the side glazed wall to the building, which produces a beautiful light effect inside the home.

mosman house copper screen

The home has been carefully sculpted to take advantage of light and views, with the architect managing to achieve a light quality in an otherwise solid structure.  

Key products/suppliers



  • Internal: Master ensuite - Negro Marble by GMW Stone, other ensuites - WOW tile from Di Lorenzo Tiles
  • External: Off-form concrete, acrylic render over XPS insulation, Western Red Cedar door cladding, Copper panels - Composite panels from Bolliya



  • Custom concrete benchtops
  • White marble: GMW Stone

Sanitary fittings


  • Dining Table pendant:  SKYFALL by Studio Italia
  • Dining Seating pendant: AURA by Noovo Design     
  • Living Pendant: KELLY by Studio Italia
  • Living Wall Flood Light: SPLYT by Reggiani