modular home cantilevered house

Cantilevered high over the steep terrain of Buderim Mountain, Two Tree House is a breezy subtropical home with expansive views of the Sunshine Coast. The family home was designed to honour two ancient Flooded Gum Eucalypts in the area.

The brief

With a modest budget, the client was looking for a modern, timeless, sustainable and climate-responsive modular home.

Design response

Moular living and sleeping platforms are clustered together on a suspended timber platform. This platform is connected by an open breezeway and veranda spaces that respond to the climate and connect the occupants to nature.

modular home cantilevered house

Meanwhile, the swimming pool acts as an anchor, tethering the house to the rocky slope of its site.

The materials palette includes galvanised steel, hardwood timber, polycarbonate, plywood and fibre cement sheet cladding. Materials were chosen based on their robustness, economy and natural authenticity.

modular home cantilevered house