Poco-Architecture house exterior

This project is a ‘forever house’ for semi-retired clients looking for a home with privacy and space for grandchildren to stay. 


The design evolved around a series of east-facing courtyards that visually link the master bedroom, dining room and kitchen. Highlight windows above these courtyard links bring in northern light, which illuminates the rear south-facing living spaces throughout the day.


The building’s simple form and scale is a reference to the gabled rooves of the neighbouring buildings. Despite its dark materials palette, the building manages to blend in well with the suburban streetscape. 

Poco-Architecture_house interior light

A key feature of this house is the hallway, which is punctuated by views to the sky, streams of daylight and places to rest and enjoy the garden. Opposite to the garden is a tactile masonry wall which provides a visual and acoustic separation between the main living areas and the kids’ zone.