luxury house wellness design

This house in the affluent Melbourne suburb of Toorak is a home of the utmost luxury and sophistication, designed to exceptional wellness standards. 

The three-storey mansion incorporates wellness technology throughout, using technology that monitors and purifies the home’s air, filters water, adapts to natural light and mitigates indoor environmental toxins.

"Our design for Teringa Place was guided by using pure, raw and simple materials to apply and innovative approach and create a home that enriches lives, which allowed for the seamless integration of wellness technology," says Feras Raffoul, director of FGR Architects.

With its fluid concrete façade and cascading tinted glass, the building has a strong presence in the streetscape. It is shielded from the street by a concrete wall, with the main entry also protected by a solid black gate and individual batten-like fence.

Upon entry, the building’s spatial volume is striking. The 7m high glass panels work to create an overall sense of transparency in the home, which has 1022sqm of living space.

“Deliberate design language has been used to create a softness from the entry point to the inside living area of the home, which is open-plan and well-lit due to the vast glass panels which have been installed,” says Raffoul. 

“We chose to incorporate the glazed façade to maximise full sunlight during the day and window furnishings can be used to provide protection in the evening. The home was designed so that the canopy delicately peels away to fully utilise natural light and add to the sense of space and wellbeing we wanted to achieve.”

luxury house wellness design

The home has been designed for entertaining and to cater for a large family, with the dining area smoothly transitioning into the self-cleaning pool, alfresco and sunbathing space through large foldaway glass doors.

“This property has been designed to cater for the differing needs of a large family. The mix of open-plan and private space created in this home allows for all types of families to live together under one roof,” says Raffoul.

luxury house wellness design

“We tried to do something a bit different with this property and we believe, architecturally speaking, it now sits in its own category. With its gentle curves, the design is fluid and there is a softness from every entry point which translates to the modern approach to living and wellness in the home.”

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