Mermaid Beach Residence concrete facade

Mermaid Beach Residence is a monumental concrete home positioned along a surf beach in Queensland. Designed to stand the test of time, it presents an impressive, guarded facade to the streetfront while opening up to beautiful ocean views to the rear.

Mermaid Beach Residence windows

The clients’ strong appreciation of concrete led the structure to be designed primarily using concrete internally and externally, with the addition of operable timber shutters on the external windows.

The architecture suggests permanence, contrasting with its impermanent surroundings, which are vulnerable and constantly subject to erosion.

Mermaid Beach Residence pool

As the site is exposed to cyclonic winds, thunderstorms and penetrating sunlight, the home needed to provide protection while also embracing natural light and ocean views.  The result is a home of opposites that somehow manage to exist in perfect harmony.

Mermaid Beach Residence ocean views

Key products/suppliers

  • Market Timbers Timber Flooring - American Oak
  • Havwoods Timber Flooring -Blanco White
  • Don Currie Carpets Bedroom Flooring - Natural Velvet, Palomino
  • Don Currie Carpets Bedroom Flooring  - Natural Velvet, Pinto
  • Ventech Joinery -Porto
  • Signorino Kitchen and Master Ensuite Benchtop - Hasmal, Honed (TGPYM)
  • Signorino Bathroom Wallsand Floor - Toronto Tile 20-20
  • Caesarstone Bathroom & Laundry Benchtop - Sleek Concrete (4003)