House Sydney Harbour views exterior night

This home has been formed entirely by a desire to connect to its Vaucluse site, which boasts stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

A combination of transparency and subtle level changes have been used to showcase the landscape, allowing new aspects of the harbour to be uncovered while walking through the plan.

House Sydney Harbour views backyard

The house is largely geometric, although it is punctured by courtyards and other breaks in form that produce unexpected vistas and create spatial complexity.  

Living spaces are oriented outward, stripped of enclosing walls. Operable doors and double height voids in the living and courtyard spaces have been used to extend the connection with the landscape.

House Sydney Harbour views interior

Conceptual framework

House Sydney Harbour views exterior corner

Views aside, the house has been designed for robustness in a coastal setting. Indeed, the house has been sealed in a self-cleaning render that allows nature to clean and revitalise the facade while repelling harsh, abrasive salts.

The render was applied by spraying the substructure then hand-pressing with a trowel. The result is an effect that gives depth and irregularity to the building’s strong geometric form.

Inside, the house juxtaposes refined surfaces and details with the raw and elemental nature of concrete, marble and timber. This balances out the home’s minimal external palette and gives some warmth and tactility to the interior.

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