brick heritage addition exterior

This project is the transformation of a heritage home with an addition that re-interprets the geometry of the original structure through a contemporary lens.


brick heritage addition interior living

Reinvigorating what was once a dark and poorly ventilated house, this design opens the segregated floorplan to create a series of interlinked, yet not fully open spaces that still allow for quiet and respite.

Orientation is key to the design, with every component of the addition orientated to achieve maximum natural light and ventilation while enjoying a leafy garden aspect.

brick heritage addition outlook

It was important to retain the structure’s key heritage features. This was achieved by clearly separating the old and new structures. They are connected by a glazed link, screened by hit-miss brickwork and a courtyard that cascades into the landscape.

The new form responds to the hips and gables of the prevalent existing heritage buildings. A central focus is the sculptural staircase, which delivers its occupants from the ground floor to a landing study nook, set under a folding origami-like timber ceiling. The downstairs living spaces, while all open plan, are delineated by a series of levels that help define them as their own individual spaces.

brick heritage addition timber ceiling

The addition features a refined and subtle materials palette of brick, steel and timber. Upon the client’s request, a robust external cladding material was chosen which responded to the building’s heritage context.  

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