Aperture House exterior

Aperture House is a family home that prioritises privacy and comfort while highlighting uninterrupted views of the Sydney city skyline.

The design was partially inspired by the architect’s relationship with the client and his work as an industrial designer. The result is a space where shapes and geometry have been used to introduce patterns and repetition to the design, creating shifting light, shadows and distinct geometric finishes.


Aperture House front door

Upon entering the house, light flows in through the skylights, floating ceilings and unique geometric windows. The aperture of the circle acts as a visual motif. It has been used on a large scale to frame the foliage-scattered sky, then on a smaller scale through a mesh balustrade. These apertures create a unique play of light that changes as the sun moves throughout the day.

Aperture House light

The aperture concept has also been used to create views throughout the home. For example, standing at the front door you can see all the way through to the children playing in the backyard.

Aperture House interior

Above all, the home has been designed to accommodate a growing family, with references to the client’s industrial design background. Elements such as exposed concrete and steel beams are a clear nod to the client, juxtaposed with softer and more subtle design elements.

Key materials/suppliers

  • Archclad Express Interlocking Panels– Corten exterior cladding - 0.7mm Corten Steel
  • Robertson Building Products – Outdoor tile – Midnight blue brick face tile
  • Surface Gallery – Indoor Floor Tile - Cementa Grey
  • Scyon Cladding – External Cladding – Painted Dulux Night Sky
  • Cemintel – CFC External Cladding – Barestone External
  • Porter's Paints – Timber Flooring – French Oak in Grange Noir
  • Austral Bricks – External & Internal face brick - GAUDI BLACK 50MM 230X110X50
  • Unitex - Concrete Render - Uni-Rock