From the architects:

The 90s launched the birth of underground music cultures, bright fashion, and David Hasselhoff along the beach.

And now it has launched what has been described as Australia's coolest burger joint - Royal Stacks.

The space is a step into suburban and popular culture. Bold colours, graphic prints, custom murals, and fabric combinations come together to create an energetic and innovative space.

The space is a step into 1990s suburban and popular culture. Hallmarks include bold colour and graphic design across customised joinery and upholstery.

The front counter bar area features illuminated glass bricks customised with dichroic film, creating a dramatic entrance and mind-bending prismatic effects. A dichroic finish also extends to the retractable windows, with both areas creating varying colours and visual impact throughout the day. Neon signage with graphic elements extend to the bathroom where wallpaper and disco ball meet to create a mesmerising light effect later in the day when the afternoon light shines through the dichroic glass.

There is also 90s inspired neon and signage with the graphical elements extending to the bathroom. The bathroom zone and hall enjoy wallpaper and a mirror ball that at the right time of day has a mesmerising light permeating through, an effect from afternoon light filtering through the dichroic glass.

Lighting is a showcase across the entire space with lighting design led by yours truly. The space features mix of customised lighting and vintage original lighting fixtures. Attention to detail was paramount with the team not only sourcing original fixtures from the 90s, but also tracking down original machinery tooling from the 90s to mould their own custom lighting