A new hotel in West Perth designed by Idle Architecture Studio and interior designer Travis Walton is set to revolutionise the Australian hotel market with its innovative modular design.

As Australia’s first integrated modular design hotel, the striking black Tribe Hotel uses a modular design and construction method consisting of pre-fabricated rooms.


Specifically, everything above the second floor has been manufactured in southern China and then shipped to Perth for fitting. All up, Tribe’s Perth outpost – the first in Australia – offers 126 affordable modular-designed rooms over nine-storeys.

“Tribe Perth represents a new breed of hotel that bridges the gap between design and value – a destination purpose-built for the modern traveller,” says Tribe Hotel.

The hotel takes inspiration from modular-designed hotels in Europe, and in particular the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Our rooms are efficient and cleverly designed to ensure that you have everything you need and nothing you don’t,” says Tribe Hotel.

Tribe’s prefabricated rooms are “accessible luxury redefined”, fitted with essential amenities and finished with materials like natural stone, leather and marble. Rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, floor-to-ceiling windows, smart TVs, a digital reading collection and free movies on demand.


An almost universally monochromatic colour scheme has been used throughout the accommodation, offset with brighter highlights such as purple, blue and green.


Beyond the rooms are a number of communal living spaces which consist of break out spaces, lounges, an outdoor courtyard and Tribe Foods. They feature printing services, guest iMacs, and GPO and USB outlets. Described as “part social club, part private lounge”, these spaces also provide individual spots.


“We wanted a hotel with personality and a social atmosphere, an equal focus between bedrooms and breakout spaces; a hotel like a home,” says Tribe Hotel.

Plans for further Tribe Hotels around the country are already in the works with sites acquired in Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.