Little National Newcastle, designed by Bates Smart and brought to life by Luchetti Krelle's interior design, embodies a fusion of comfort, technology, and local flair. 

Throughout the hotel, Bates Smart's architectural vision blends seamlessly with Luchetti Krelle's interior design. The signature Little National style, characterised by a refined and sophisticated modern Australian aesthetic, is subtly infused with local touches. Local photographs and high-end fixtures and fittings interweave to create a serene environment that reflects the spirit of the city, inviting guests to truly live a little.

Stepping into the hotel, guests are greeted by a streamlined reception area featuring four kiosks. Here, technology takes centre stage, allowing guests to personalise their stay by selecting rooms based on preferences displayed on a digital floor plan.

The guest rooms themselves are havens of efficient design. Every inch is meticulously crafted for maximum comfort, with amenities like in-room tablets, motion sensor lighting, and smart thermostats creating a seamless and intuitive experience. The signature Little National Arms of Morpheus bed ensures a restful night's sleep, while Bluetooth connectivity and thoughtfully curated spaces allow guests to work or unwind seamlessly.

Beyond the rooms, the hotel transforms into a social hub. The two-story atrium boasts panoramic views of the waterfront and houses a member lounge and library. This expansive space caters to both collaborative work sessions and individual relaxation, with the option of booking small meeting rooms. 

The commitment to guest well-being extends to the 24-hour Hale Gym, equipped with cutting-edge Technogym equipment. Here, fitness enthusiasts can maintain their routine during their stay.