The after-work drinks experience is comparable to animals venturing to the watering hole. In place of animals are an abundance of workers who descend upon the closest bar or pub for a well-deserved drink or two.

The Hightail Bar in Melbourne’s Docklands – designed by Technē Architecture and Interior Design – takes this idea to the next level.

Catering to the large number of workers in the offices above, the pub provides a huge space for 950 people. Patrons are spoiled for choice with food. On offer are kiosks for Belle’s Hot Chicken, Super Taco, and Mr. Burger. And of course, the alcohol is plentiful.


But the extensive space and choice for food and drink aren’t the only cues to the watering hole. The pub’s design also takes inspiration from a book by author Graeme Base, titled The Waterhole – a story full of lush and colourful illustrations.


Described by the architects as a “journey through texture, colour and form”, the space features two bars. One of these is a robust beer bar finished in concrete, cork and copper. The other is a more intimate wine bar adorned with brass, maroon-coloured terracotta tiling, and natural timber. 

The colourful contrasts continue in the detailed tiled-floors, the furniture, and the walls.