The Swan Hill District Community Rehabilitation Centre in Victoria is a contemporary allied health facility that provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry and dietetics services to a range of patients, including children.

The Victorian Department of Health, working with Swan Hill District Health, engaged dwp|suters to design a building that would provide a navigational circuit for patients in completing their treatments. The facility also had to be able to respond to changing future needs, with structures and service expandable both horizontally and vertically.

When it came to the flooring treatments in the centre, the architects had to ensure that surfaces with varying slip resistance and grades were created for the navigational circuit. These differences would play a significant role in the patient’s healing process as they provide a range of mobility experiences and practice opportunities in daily programs designed to increase patient confidence.

 “We extended the exercise circuit to the corridor by inserting a feature carpet that act like a ‘measuring tape’ for patients to quantify the distance they have progressed in their program,” dwp|suters says.

“This also forms a very good wayfinding tool in describing the location of the room.”













Minimal Tile, Abstract Edge, Merge Tile and Colour Plank Tile carpets from Shaw Contract Group were specified.

Armstrong’s Accolade Safe, Timberline and Armstrong Plus were used for the resilient flooring. According to the architects, these products were chosen in conjunction with User’s Group consultation for both their merit and appearance.

Flooring considerations also extended to external spaces, where a mix of outdoor and landscape floor finishes offer opportunities for rehabilitation practice in outdoor environments.

One mobility garden is designed specifically for children, while the other is for general use.