This building takes the traditional tall church landmark feature and integrates it with solar chimney strategies to provide natural ventilation and cooling to a public auditorium space without the use of air conditioning. It also activates the basement thermal mass and incorporates stormwater collection to assist with cooling and heating.

This building is about gathering. Providing spaces where people can socialise, support one another and worship together. A wide range of sustainable design techniques were employed taking into account the client's and the architect's commitment to sustainability, the limited available budget, the sloping and prominent nature of the site and techniques available.


  • This project uses the orientation of the site and its 1 in 6 slope to benefit its sustainable outcome.
  • It incorporates a thermal chimney with natural ventilation to achieve cooling.
  • A rooftop weather station provides information to the mechanical ventilation installation.
  • It uses the site economically, leaving part of the for valuable future development.
  • It has been economically planned without corridor space.
  • Its layout is designed to offer hospitality and welcome.
  • Solar absorber panels serve hot water system.
  • Vertical louvres on the west elevation allow distant views whilst controlling solar gain.
  • Natural lighting is provided to the foyer by a circular lantern roof light with an overhanging lid to avoid solar gain.
  • The auditorium is naturally lit in a controlled manner to allow data projection incorporating strip skylights with light baffles and low-level windows to provide views out when seated.
  • Secure storage is provided for two small buses enabling sustainable transport to be provided.
  • Double glazing and good insulation levels are incorporated.
  • Lighting is mostly LED and some is switched by movement detection.
  • Stormwater storage is used both as a thermal mass in the auditorium comfort strategy and is reused for toilet flushing.
  • The main auditorium roof trusses are constructed from plantation softwood.