From the architect:

A new carbon-negative Library for Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains combines two natural materials and assembly systems that connect the building with its mountain, lakeside location.

A stone plinth reflects the mountain granite and the local vernacular, grounding the building into the mountain.

Suspended above this platform is an interlocked series of precise prefabricated cross-laminated timber CLT elements - structure and finish sourced from local timber. The lofty interior of the library is formed by the geometry of the timber structure.

The selection of CLT enabled the project to be uniquely of its place, prefabricated and carbon negative. The CLT provides a warm finish to the interior, connecting the community to the surrounding landscape.

The combination of design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) and disassembly and design for locale has produced a welcoming, cost-effective and quick-to-construct by local labour, library embraced by the whole community.

The structure was erected in two weeks and the delivery of the project from engagement to completion was just under 10 months, during 2021/2022.

This is an innovative delivery methodology for social infrastructure much needed in remote regional areas. This project showcases the use of Cross Laminated Timber, accessible to all.