Residents of Blacktown, Sydney are lapping up a new $1.4 million recreation space designed by Lahznimmo Architects, says Blacktown’s Council Architect, Larry Adams.

Situated in the Blacktown Showground Park, the café, amenities building and new recreation spaces were designed by Lahznimmo and according to Adams, “provide much needed green space and respite from the busy urban surrounds.”

“The cafe has really activated the area and become a popular focal point for this important local precinct,” he says.

“[They] are foundation buildings in the long-term revitalisation plan that will see the area become an entertainment, exhibition and recreation hub for the community.”

The brief for the project from Blacktown City Council was to design a new Café and Amenities Building in addition to a Community Garden Facility within the Blacktown Showground and Francis Park Redevelopment by McGregor Coxall Landscape Architects.

A lightweight glazed box element shades cafe patrons.

Above: A lightweight glazed box element shades cafe patrons. Image: Anthony Fretwell

The project design was noticeably informed by this brief, with the building’s materials and outlay reflecting its intended use as an entertainment, exhibition and recreation hub in all conditions.

The Café building comprises two main elements; a lightweight glazed box element that covers an outdoor area for dining, and a solid masonry element that houses site services, kitchen and public amenities.

The two elements are enclosed within a linear structure that has an exposed portal frame. The masonry element is bound in a powder coated aluminium screen that wraps around the promenade, and is designed with angles and flats to provide shade for the area.

The screen offers an urban image for the building, as well as a protective and textured layer for residents in the park’s exposed environment.The Blacktown climate informed design, with a variety of shading and water facilities littering the site.

Above: The Blacktown climate informed the design, with a variety of shading and water facilities littering the site. Image: Anthony Fretwell

The space also includes a woodland park, picnic facilities, training facilities, a multi-use track for jogging/walking, promenade, water features, extensive play areas and a community garden.

Lahznimmo also designed the Community Garden Building that services the allotments.

The architects have been responsible for a variety of public and urban projects around Sydney including the Helensvale Library and Youth Centre and the Tamarama Kiosk.

Client: Blacktown City Council
Project Value: $1.4m
Completed: 2013