Yatte Yattah House is a modern and robust house that has sought to have a minimal impact on the environment but also a deep connection to it.

Designed for a couple with adult children and grandchildren, the house is sited to take advantage of the topography, views and breezes. It sits high on the site above a clearing overlooking two dams and the forests and ranges beyond. Mass screen planting of natives provides privacy from the access roads.

The house is predominantly one room wide with natural cross ventilation to all rooms, and the roof angle and colonnade along the north are configured for maximum solar gain. The main wing is directly north facing.

The concrete floor provides thermal mass in the cold winter months. Materials were chosen to be relatively low cost and robust, and include exposed steel frames, corrugated iron, and polished concrete floors.

The house was built by a local builder and tradesmen with local materials where possible.

Key initiatives:

  • House can operate in zones, so it is smaller when there is only a couple residing
  • Natural cross ventilation to all rooms
  • Roof runoff rain water collected in a 110,000 litre tank (not connected to town water)
  • All waste water recycled for garden use
  • Solar tubes provide most of the heated water
  • Photo voltaic panels generate 6.5kw per day (house almost energy neutral for electricity in its first year)
  • Lighting primarily indirect uplighting, with low energy LED’s in Bathrooms
  • Materials chosen to be relatively low cost and robust
  • Small orchard, veggie patch and herb garden continue the theme of sustainability

Photography by Ben Guthrie