Eco balanced 1 is designed as a display/demonstration home based on the brief of arranging minimal elements of traditional sustainability in a compact, lightweight and low maintenance form. The dwelling needed to achieve a high energy rating without relying on high embodied energy materials and thermal mass.

At the same time, the material palette needed to balance environmental impact with affordability and aesthetics, and be locally and ethically sourced.

Embracing sustainably sourced plantation timber in construction over steel and concrete, the 8 Star energy rated house addresses issues related to energy systems, water management and systems integration for optimal operational performance of the home.

Its design underpins sustainability from conception to construction, taking a holistic approach to passive solar design, while its modular form contributes to cost deductions in construction without negative impacts on aesthetics or energy performance.

Key initiatives:

  • Solar power, solar hot water system, electricity usage monitor and green switch isolator
  • LED lighting
  • High star rated appliances
  • Double glazed windows and high level insulation
  • Grey water recycling system and 3000L water tank; high WELS rated fittings
  • Embraces sustainably sourced timber in construction and uses low embodied energy materials; prefabricated construction achieves cost, time and resource efficiencies
  • Modular design, which means less site disturbance
  • No VOC paints and furnishings
  • Window placement for cross flow ventilation, supported by fans

Photography by Warren Reed @ Coast Magazine