Shrouded in plants, The ‘Living Room’ by aardvarc is designed to be low maintenance, low running, re-cycleable, disappear in to the landscape, and be enjoyed by not only the owners and occupants but by the local community and wild life.

Hard industrial materials take on a soft organic form with natural colour that patinas with age. Passive heating and cooling work beyond expectation.

Recycled items throughout juxtapose the soft landscape and a green roof with native grasses and bedims hides and blends this structure within its surrounding environment.

Camouflaging itself within its immediate environment, the native bee hives ensure the Living Room impacts not only on its immediate environment, but also on surrounding environments.

Key initiatives:

  • Passive Energy Design
  • Solid concrete structure
  • Orientation for maximum solar gain and favourable breeze capture
  • Green roof with plantings
  • Recycled hardwood, copper, pallets, plumbing fixtures, steel mesh, concrete, glass bottle tops, toilet cisterns, cabinet handles, plough disc and more
  • Nafray grass, bedims, native bees, orchids, succulents, vines and Sir Walter grass flooring
  • inted and ozoned glass
  • Deciduous plantings
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Deciduous plantings and Green roof
  • Passive cooling.
  • Rinnai infinity water tanks
  • Solar from existing house roof

Photography by Mick Hellen